Insurance companies
The team of ClassicCarRatings has spent the last year building a centralised tracking system for worldwide sales of classic and collectable cars. With our custom valuation tools and database, we can present detailed information about the value of classic and collectable cars. These custom tools and database can now be used by external partners using our client portal.
As an insurer, you will receive a tailor-made client portal. In this client portal, the value of all insured and valued cars is stored. The client portal gives you a complete overview of the insured portfolio. This overview is accessable on two levels, as a complete overview for a CEO/administrator and in divided parts for account managers.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Secured by 2FA
  • Smart Notification System
  • Access to the CCR valuation App
  • Valuation reports on request
  • Proven annual ROI of at least 163%
Portfolio analysis
Our valuation system offers your clients a more accurate vehicle valuation. Our client portal offers a complete overview of your vehicle portfolio.
monitors the worldwide car market 24/7/365 to provide up to date valuations.
Our valuation and notification system protects your organisation against underinsured clients.
Our valuation system has proven to find discrepancies in vehicle value of -46% and +308% in portfolios.
Your agents receive a notification when a vehicle in their portfolio increases 10% in value.
Interested in a partnership with ClassicCarRatings? We are pleased to start with a portfolio analysis. During this probation period, your ROI and our added value will become clear.
Please contact us to discover the possibilities:
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